The Value of Site Metrics

If there’s one thing that I recommend to small business owners, it’s measuring your website metrics (statistics). Site Metrics can tell you a lot about your visitors and also give you some indication of how visitors are finding your site. (and much, much more!)

It’s always helpful to know what information a visitor is seeking when they encounter your website. By utilizing your Site Metrics, you can determine what parts of your site are being visited the most. If you have a blog—something else that I highly recommend—you’ll be able to see which blog posts get the most traffic. This is important because it lets you know what information your customer finds valuable!

Best of all, if you are paying for online advertising, you can easily assess if you are getting your money’s worth. In some instances, it’s much more cost-effective to trade links with complementary businesses (free!) rather than pay for online advertising. All sites are not created equal! Just because a company touts their website as a great resource for your company doesn’t ensure traffic to your website.

Here’s a fine example from personal experience. I recently joined an association for $600 per year. One of the “benefits” to my business is a directory listing (with blurb) on their website and a spot on their map (a pull-out in a local magazine). Sounds impressive, but my site metrics have revealed less than stellar results. My business averages one hit per month from these “benefits”! I have traded links with local businesses (free!) and fed my blog into web directories (free!) that garner me anywhere from 10-500 hits per month. Next year, this information will help me assess whether or not I’ll renew my $600 membership. In all fairness, the website and map are only two of many listed “benefits” so this may not be a dealbreaker. Time will tell.

If you’re wondering how to access your site metrics, it’s really very simple. It’s nothing you should have to buy. If you have a website already, ask your web guru about getting reports or (better yet) ask for access to to your site metrics and for a tutorial. If by some chance your blog or website doesn’t offer web metrics, you can download a free web tracking system. I recommend using Sitemeter, even if you have access to your web metrics. Sitemeter offers an almost addictive feature that tells you who is on your site in real time and what your visitor is viewing.

No matter how you do it, it’s worth your time to check your web metrics regularly. Best of all, it’s free. I think that makes it a no brainer.


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Perfectly Pearl in Oregon Bride

Perfectly Pearl in Oregon Bride

The Perfectly Pearl Modern Bridal Event will be advertised in the upcoming issue of Oregon Bride Magazine. Our ad is a real coup, because we maximized our resources and minimized our cost. By coordinating the ad creation process between Studio Olivine (logo and ad layout), Powers Oregon (Photo), Ken Aaron Photography (photoshop work) and myself (ad copy), we were able to produce a stellar ad through volunteer effort. By utilizing our resources–tapping the time, energy and talents of these volunteers–we’ve increased the value of our event without additional cost. Best of all, and perhaps most importantly, the businesses involved in the event are building connections and creating community by tackling event-related projects together.

I think it’s possible to add value and reduce the cost of any event if you simply maximize your resources. In my opinion, maximizing resources is the most valuable (and overlooked!) skill that you can develop for your marketing, advertising and public relations toolbox.

Download the Perfectly Pearl Ad

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Perfectly Pearl Launches


At long last, we’ve launched the Perfectly Pearl Blog.

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Constant Contact

If you’re looking for an email marketing service, I must recommend Constant Contact for your consideration. I’ve been using it for several months now and I’m constantly (ha!) surprised by their customer service. It’s amazing! I haven’t had such a positive customer service experience in years.

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Here comes the pitch

Today I’m pitching a huge story to the Oregonian for one of their special publications. It could be the topic of an entire issue of a magazine. In addition, there is the possibility that the project will also encompass an event.

Stay tuned!

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