About Me

Lynnette Fusilier

I’m a freelance writer.

People are generally very curious about how I spend my time and what it is exactly that I do. Most envision me wrapped in a rumpled cardigan–cigarette and/or coffee in hand–hovering over a manual typewriter with a missing “f” key trying to plunk out the next great American novel. The truth of the matter is that I do drink lots of coffee.

I’m not a novelist, although I can spin you a mad yarn. I do write for newspapers and magazines on occasion, but the bulk of my work is in copywriting. I like think of it as tryingtocaptureyourinterest writing. Technically, it is writing that sells, promotes, educates or informs readers about companies, products or services. Samples include newsletters, press releases, blogs, web copy, catalogs and brochures.

If you have an audience, but can’t find the words…



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