Two great examples of business enewsletters

Email newsletters provide great return on a minimal investment. Recently, I received two email newsletters from Pearl District businesses and I just want to congratulate them on a job well done.

Physical Element is no stranger to email newsletters–owner Jo Carter has been producing them for months–but this time she integrated two new elements. She attached a printable coupon for select merchandise and promoted goods and services at another Pearl business. What’s great about the use of the coupon is that Jo is using it to reduce her active wear inventory, while she is promoting her new merchandise in the body of her newsletter. In the first quarter of 2008, she is moving away from active wear to women’s fashions and is using the newsletter to support this goal. By promoting a neighboring stationery shop, Jo is acting as a resource to her customers. Knowing that they will want cards and gift wrap for holiday gifts, pointing them to a local resource (within walking distance) will help them save time. It may even provide more incentive to shop at Physical Element because of other shops and services in the area. This is why people shop at malls- CONVENIENCE!

Another Pearl business that is using enewsletters effectively is FEZ Studio. Owner Fez Vartain recently started a blog and just sent out his first enewsletter. What was great about his enewsletter is that he used it as an introduction to his blog. He linked to his previous posts and caught everyone up to speed about the goals of his blog and enewsletter. As a final flourish, he also utilized a coupon for a discount on merchandise.

Kudos to both of these businesses for spending the time and energy to grow their businesses. I’m sure their efforts will be rewarded.

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Perfectly Pearl in Oregon Bride

Perfectly Pearl in Oregon Bride

The Perfectly Pearl Modern Bridal Event will be advertised in the upcoming issue of Oregon Bride Magazine. Our ad is a real coup, because we maximized our resources and minimized our cost. By coordinating the ad creation process between Studio Olivine (logo and ad layout), Powers Oregon (Photo), Ken Aaron Photography (photoshop work) and myself (ad copy), we were able to produce a stellar ad through volunteer effort. By utilizing our resources–tapping the time, energy and talents of these volunteers–we’ve increased the value of our event without additional cost. Best of all, and perhaps most importantly, the businesses involved in the event are building connections and creating community by tackling event-related projects together.

I think it’s possible to add value and reduce the cost of any event if you simply maximize your resources. In my opinion, maximizing resources is the most valuable (and overlooked!) skill that you can develop for your marketing, advertising and public relations toolbox.

Download the Perfectly Pearl Ad

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Changing Room Magazine

There’s a new magazine that will catch the interest of local boutique owners and fashion designers. It’s called Changing Room Magazine and its focus is on the fashion industry of the northwest. The goal is to educate, connect and increase the competitive edge of local boutiques and designers.

Changing Room launches January 2008.

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Explore the Pearl Magazine

Read the latest issue

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The Power of PR

Getting unpaid publicity is a nice trick to have in your arsenal. How do you do it? If you have noteworthy ideas and great writing skills, you can “pitch” or propose your stories to local media. Otherwise, you can work with a public relations professional to pitch stories on your behalf.

For example, I recently pitched not only a story, but an entire issue to the Oregonian on behalf of wedding-related businesses in the Pearl District. Although the Pearl District has an active business association with a paid marketing professional at the helm, they failed to recognize this growing market segment and its potential to increase business traffic in the neighborhood. As a result of my pitch, the January/February issue of Explore the Pearl Magazine will be a dedicated wedding issue and these neighborhood businesses will benefit at no additional expense.

If you’re interested in pitching stories about your business, I’m happy to assist you.

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email newsletters

There is an interesting post on email marketing over at Portland Small Business Blog. It features an interview with Jo Carter, owner of Physical Element in the Pearl District.

Carter touts the overall effectiveness of email versus direct mail marketing. She puts out a monthly email newsletter and notes an immediate surge in sales after an email campaign. In this month’s enewsletter, Carter introduces her new arrival of winter coats and has already sold three as a result. Definitely a great return on a $50 investment!

If you’re interested in learning more about email marketing, please contact me. Whether you need more information on how to create an effective email marketing strategy or simply need a ghostwriter, I’m happy to assist you.

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Nov/Dec issue of Neighborhood Notes Newsletter

The November/December issue of our newsletter has been distributed in the Pearl District residential buildings. It’s only our second issue, but it has improved nicely from the first issue in September. The great thing about a neighborhood newsletter is that as the participation grows, so does the quality of content.

In this particular newsletter–for those of you who aren’t familiar with it–we partner with the residential buildings in the Pearl. We don’t simply buy a bulk mail permit and ship it out to every mailbox. Instead, we meet with the Board of Directors of each Pearl homeowners association and ask them to endorse distribution of our newsletter in their building. In addition, we offer each board the opportunity to create an insert to the newsletter that contains news about their building. Basically, it’s a mini-newsletter. They supply the content (by a certain deadline) and we format it. Our advertising partners make it possible for us to publish the newsletter at no cost to our readers. Should homeowners associations, apartments or businesses choose to print copies, they do it at their own expense.

If you have comments about the newsletter–your likes or dislikes–please comment below. We’d love to get your feedback.

Download the Newsletter

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