It’s definitely a trick, not a treat!

The scariest thing about this Halloween is the number of things on my to do list. Yikes! I’m finishing up the November/December issue of the Neighborhood Notes Newsletter, November Sitka Newsletter and the November Neighborhood Notes eNewsletter. If that wasn’t enough–and really, who’s counting–I have a grant application due tomorrow.

In addition, there are several blogs to maintain and this morning we have a Perfectly Pearl meeting and tonight we’re sponsoring a family friendly Halloween event in the Pearl.

Getting everything finished will definitely be a treat. 🙂


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Perfectly Pearl Launches


At long last, we’ve launched the Perfectly Pearl Blog.

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I just heard that Explore the Pearl Magazine is going to publish a January/February wedding issue. If you remember, I pitched not only a story, but an entire wedding themed issue to the Oregonian and then in turn to this special section, ETP. It’s very exciting to have a pitch realized into something tangible.

It will be very interesting to attend the meeting and hear the board discuss how to create the issue. I’ve not written what I like to call “weditorial,” but I’m looking forward to doing something new.

Stay tuned.

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Perfectly Pearl

A while ago, I posted about a big pitch to the Oregonian. While I can’t disclose everything, I can tell you that Pearl District retailers are creating a modern bridal event to support the district’s emerging role as resource and destination for weddings. The event is called Perfectly Pearl and it will be held on March 1 in Ecotrust.

My pitch to the Oregonian was specifically tailored to an issue of Explore the Pearl Magazine. The editorial board of ETP is considering the idea and I’ll soon learn whether or not the pitch is a go. I’ve never written wedding editorial, but I’m really excited to promote our neighborhood in such a wonderful capacity.

Crafting the event has been a really great experience. It’s a very grassroots effort that has blossomed with the generosity of our growing list of participants. I can’t wait to share more about this! Stay tuned.

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Neighborhood Notes

At some point along the way, our blog (Neighborhood Notes) grew from a labor of love into a business. After so many years without a proper business identity or even cheap do-it-ourself business cards, we finally hired a designer to help us out. Actually, we hired a graphic designer AND a web designer. Yep, there is a lot of work ahead, but in the end I know it’ll be worth it.

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Constant Contact

If you’re looking for an email marketing service, I must recommend Constant Contact for your consideration. I’ve been using it for several months now and I’m constantly (ha!) surprised by their customer service. It’s amazing! I haven’t had such a positive customer service experience in years.

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I’m a wee bit tired. I have two assignment deadlines today and committed a significant amount of time to them last week and over the weekend. I had both assignments about a month in advance and I did start on them early, but whenever there are other people involved, things get tricky.

You may think that people and/or businesses would jump at the chance to be interviewed, but my experience has been that they are totally willing–when you can catch them! So, this past week I chased my subjects via phone, email and even in-person, but ended up with the material I needed.

Over the weekend, I wrote my drafts and today I’ll polish them up and send them out.

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