Here comes the pitch

Today I’m pitching a huge story to the Oregonian for one of their special publications. It could be the topic of an entire issue of a magazine. In addition, there is the possibility that the project will also encompass an event.

Stay tuned!


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Don’t mind the dust

This blog is still under construction! I’ll add more to each section as time permits. Meanwhile, if you need assistance with a writing project, please feel free to contact me and I’ll let you know if I can help or direct you to someone who can.


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More collaboration details

Yesterday I met with a writer who has received a grant to write a book about the Pearl District. More details on the particular focus later…

We’ll be interviewing a whole host of very interesting characters and will release the raw interviews as podcasts as part of a project with the Pearl District Neighborhood Association. The raw data will be edited into book form by the writer.

It’s a very exciting collaborative effort and I look forward to sharing more about it with you soon.

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I have an interesting lunch date today. I’m being introduced to someone who received a grant to write a book about a topic near and dear to my heart. As I’m not sure of the legalities of mentioning who the author is and what he is writing about, I’m keeping mum.

While this author is writing a book on this particular topic, my interest is in podcasting interviews of subjects interviewed on the same topic. A mutual friend is introducing us and there is great hope that we can collaborate and assist each other on our projects.

We’ll see how it goes… stay tuned!

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I just submitted an article for inclusion in The Current, the South Waterfront’s (SWF) newsletter. If you’re still calling it “SoWa” or even “So What”–here’s the memo–cease and desist. All of the cool kids are calling it SWF these days.

I wasn’t cool until this past Friday. 😉

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ETP | After Thoughts

I had two articles published in the September/October issue of Explore the Pearl Magazine. It’s always interesting to see how the edited version turns out. For those of you who haven’t submitted an article to a magazine, it is generally edited to fit a required size, embody the publication’s message and correct any spelling or grammar issues.

My first article is found on pages 6 & 7 (“New in the Pearl”) and my descriptions of new businesses were really shortened from my original submission. I used to take such edits very personally, but I’ve learned–especially with my recent foray into editing for the Neighborhood Notes newsletter–that such edits are a necessary evil because of space constraints.

The second article (“Sharing Hope” on pages 42, 43 and 44) was edited to include tie ins to the Komen Foundation and Race for the Cure. These changes reflect the relationship and goals of the Oregonian with respect to the Pearl District Business Association.

I’m happy with the edited versions, but I’m even more thrilled with my growth and ability to learn from the edits rather than fear them.

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Ready, set… blog!

ETP Sept/Oct

Read it here.

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